2019 Shungo update

I hope this finds you well and enjoying the heck out of summer this year. I wanted to take a minute to say hello and catch you up with what is going on here at Shungo Healing.  First off, if you’re detail oriented you may have noticed the change to my website and email name. What used to be Shungobodywork.com is now Shungohealing.com (though the old email and website will still be usable for another 9 months).  Why the change?  Over the years, especially the last few, the focus of my work has shifted toward a more holistic approach to healing.  Incorporating more energy work and more mindfulness work. With those changes and others Shungo Healing is more fitting. Bodywork is only a portion of what I do and that portion is getting smaller while other forms of healing are taking up more room in my practice.  In addition to bodywork and energywork I am beginning to offer Energy Coaching sessions. What is Energy Coaching? Over the last 20 years I have learned how to study subtle energy, not only as an energy practitioner but how to observe and work with it in my life.  I love exploring how life is continually providing opportunities for us to learn about the deeper parts of ourselves. Life is happening for us not to us, and when we understand that distinction we start becoming a participant in our own life.  Come in for a session and let’s unfold into the deeper parts of life. Check out my new web page that further describes Energy Coaching.  


I am very excited to announce that for the second time my dear friend and colleague Elias Patras and I will be holding a year long Earth Honoring Altar Apprenticeship. Join us on a journey to reconnect deeper with yourself, your intuition and Spirit. Lean how to use an Earth Honoring Altar as a way of being in relationship with the world around you, both seen and unseen.  Through the use of an Earth Honoring Altar we will explore a deeper connection to the elements of nature and gain an understanding that when we are in relationship with these forces great wisdom is gained.  Through this exploration we begin to know ourselves better and open up to our own greater potential.  If you’ve ever been curious about altars or have longed to develop a more spiritual relationship with nature and are ready to do personal work for your soul’s growth, then click here to find out more about this 4 weekend apprenticeship starting September 20th.

On another note you may have recently received an email about Maitri Breathwork on August 25th.  So many people reported how disappointed they were that they couldn’t attend because they would be out of town for their final summer fling. With this we we didn’t have the numbers we were hoping for and so postponed the breathwork.  We are still trying to find dates that work for the facilitators and the venue.

 What is Maitri Breathwork you ask? Breathwork assists us in bypassing the ego thereby allowing Psyche to breath into the creative realms of the unconscious.  The Ego, in collusion with consensus reality regulates how much we let ourselves feel and express.  Through this work, one is able to complete energy cycles, heal “stuck” or unresolved experiences, thereby liberating oneself from the constricting affects of our past material. If you’d like more information about Maitri Breathwork and what Altered States of Consciousness can do for your healing process then click here.  

Thank you for your time and attention and I hope to continue to offer ways for you to connect to your soul through the art of Shungo Healing - Healing from and for the heart and center of your being. 

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