Current EVENTS

All Day Intensive: Shamanic Mindfulness through the mesa

October 22, 2018    10:00am-5:00pm 

3717 N Ravenswood Ave. Suite 245 Chicago, IL 


I'm exited to have one of my beloved teachers return to Chicago this Fall.  He is the author of Peruvian Shamanism, The Pachakuti Mesa. and teacher of these ways.  

   "For thousands of years the ancestral peoples of the world have created beautiful spaces to heal and grow. These simple, yet elegant, healing circles were spaces for community to gather, for support to be offered, and guidance given. This day-long intensive is an invitation to rejoin this ancient container for healing, to strengthen through healthy community, and to offer one another the space we need to adapt to our rapidly changing lives. "


Mateo will also be offering private session the week prior.  Don't miss this amazing opportunity to work with this conscious way of being. 

Earth Honoring Altar apprenticeship series 2019

Join us on a journey through the earth honoring doorway, where we will reconnect with our intuition, magic of nature and community. We will step into the mystery of the elements to wind our way through a discovery of ourselves and our relationship to the natural world.  

Meeting your Council of Women, a journey of remembering

This will be a 7 week program where each week we'll journey to be with our own council of women and recover that part of ourself separated from our wholeness. Dates TBA


Maitri Breathwork         in Ohio

When:           March 24th, May 2018

Where:          Cleveland, Ohio (west side)

Tuition:          $170 for full day ~ 

   Early discount: $160 if registered by February 15th


            Breathwork assists us in bypassing the intellect [which is somewhat overemphasized in Western culture], thereby allowing Psyche to breathe into the creative realms of unconscious material. As we journey toward wholeness, we discover and then expand past the boundaries of our self-limiting beliefs, retrieving lost parts of ourselves; we begin to re-pattern our lives. 

See Maitri page for more information